Full Throttle - The wrap up

So here we are, back in Sydney after another comfortable business class flight - thanks Etihad - and are feeling somewhat relieved that after more than three weeks it's touchdown on home soil.
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But the relief was shortlived after we realised that we'd just landed back in the most over-lawed, under-policed country on earth. To sit at 320km/h on a public road would not just cause outrage, but also would land you in jail, create national headlines, and your car would be confiscated, crushed and handed back to you in a block. Not to mention the public flagellation and lambasting to follow.

You would be humiliated, deprived of liberty, and your reputation would quite simply be mud. Yet we were able to do it overseas - safely and legally. The lawmakers in Australia really need to pull their collective heads out of the sand and see how it really is.

The other thing that alerted us to the fact we were back in Australia was the parking ticket we got within 30 seconds of walking out of the Sydney International Airport doors. We didn't have that problem in all of the six countries we visited.

All that aside, we've concluded possibly the greatest supercar trip of any Australian media organisation, and with it, some great memories. Whether it was our continual autobahn runs, taking over several airports, drifting across tarmac or hunting down a supercharged Jaguar at over 280km/h, it's been an absolute blast.

Each of us had our own favourite car. Alborz has fallen in love with the Veritas RSIII, Anthony has chosen every car we drove. For George it was the Lamborghini LP560-4s. Jan, our resident photography guru, fell head over heels with the Koenigsegg, and for me, it was the TechArt GTstreetRS.

We've been in motoring heaven for the past three weeks, and despite the early starts and late finishes, the entire trip was a buzz for all involved.

So, without further ado, we like to thank the following:

Pirelli Tyres - for making sure our lungs were filled with white smoke.
Sinn Watches - for keeping us on time with our appointments.
Nitro Energy Drinks - for keeping us awake while we edited video, photos and kept everyone up to date.
Etihad Airways - for lounge access and business class flights
Ramspeed - for assistance with the logistical nightmare that was Full Throttle 2.

Stay tuned for further updates, reviews on all the cars, and on when the DVD will be released. Thanks lastly to you, our readers, for following the journey and for your support throughout the trip.

The plans for Full Throttle 3 are already in motion...