Unlike Holden, Ford seems to be preparing their Falcon Utility to coincide with the release of their new model - codename Orion.
Ford Falcon Orion Ute Spy Shots - CarAdvice
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Our spy photographer has sprung the Falcon Ute during testing in an undisclosed location in Victoria's bushy countryside. Although the photos aren't quite crystal clear, there is an obvious indication that body size will remain similar to Ford's currently successful utility range.

The model photographed seems to be a base model with tray attached. It's also nice to see the Ute decked out with a big set of alloy wheels which - I would think - probably won't be seen on the ready model.

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Ford Falcon Orion Ute Spy Shots - CarAdviceClick for larger version.

Whilst waiting for the Ford Falcon Ute to come past, our sleuth photographer snapped off a few shots of a car we have seen before.

This time around, the car was much closer, revealing some more information about the vehicle's shape and contours. The front end reveals new sculpting for the fog lights and also some humps on the bonnet...we'll leave that to your imagination.

Many European vehicles are now fitted with Xenon headlights, it's unclear whether the Falcon will also feature such a headlight treatment. One thing that is clear though is that the vehicle pictured below has several objects protruding from the headlight assembly, suggesting ad-hoc headlight washers (which are required as ADR for Xenon/HID headlights). And is that a carbon-fibre spoiler fitted to the vehicle pictured? You betch'ya. Will it make it to production? Probably not.

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Shots - CarAdviceClick for larger version.

Insiders have informed us that the mold featured in the following photo is not representative of the tail-lights. Cladding has been employed to emboss the tail-light surrounding in a bid to throw off onlookers.

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Shots - CarAdvice

The front end close up shot suggests a new fog light arrangement and bonnet contours. The vehicle photographed is probably an XR6 Turbo variant. Our spy photographer has suggested that it was towing a trailer filled with cement and other heavy objects and had a noise reminiscent of the current turbocharged Falcon lineup.

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Shots - CarAdviceClick for larger version.

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Shots - CarAdviceClick for larger version.

And finally, the following picture clearly shows the outline of the window. It's unclear why Ford went to such extremes to pad the C-pillar windows. This photo shots that nothing all too interesting is going on behind there. It is encouraging to see that the old AU rear door frame is gone. There were many complaints about the lack of ease getting in and out of Falcons from the AU - BF, this new door frame will hopefully rectify the issue.

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Shots - CarAdvice

One thing's for certain, Ford is working hard to ready the Falcon for sale next year. As further news or photos come to hand, you will see them first at CarAdvice.

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