Europe Considers Banning Fast Cars

Before we even begin to write this, let us just say, Europe would lose billions of dollars in car exports, as well as their reputation if this proposal comes even close to getting past the EU parliament. Either way, take a deep breath before you read this.
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British Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies has proposed quite possibly the stupidest law in the universe. He is calling for a ban on the making of cars able to reach more than 163km/hr (101 miles). His aim? To cut CO2 emissions.

Mr Davies argues that the limit will be well above the road legal speed limit of all countries in Europe, so why should cars be any faster?

between 1994 and 2004 the power of new cars went up by 28 per cent, making them a lot heavier, and so increasing the amount of CO2 they put out, even though no country raised its speed limit to allow cars to use this increased power. Mr Davies told BBC

Unfortunately, this has absolutely no scientific merit. Cars today are far more fuel efficient and put out less CO2 than ever before. Either way, the "media grabbing" proposal will surely get some votes from the older parliament members.

Don't panic though, this is just a proposal, one which will surely die a painful death in the EU parliment otherwise it will lead to worldwide panic and anarchy - hopefully.