The speed limit on one of Adelaide’s busiest streets has been cut to little more than walking pace because its new $4 million surface is dangerously slippery when wet.
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The Advertiser reports speed limits on the western end of Hindley St will remain at just 10km/h indefinitely after vehicles failed skid resistant safety tests on the freshly paved surface.

The council has reportedly received complaints from drivers who experienced traction problems when braking in wet weather over the past few weeks.

The $4m Hindley Street Activation program was intended to create an “attractive, safe and pedestrian-focused streetscape” between Liverpool and Register Streets near the University of South Australia’s City West campus.

Upon completion, however, temporary ‘slippery when wet’ signs were erected and the speed limit was reduced to 25km/h before being cut further to 10km/h as vehicles and bicycles continued to lose control on the surface.

An official investigation has subsequently been launched into why the issue was not identified in the planning phase before the surface was laid and motorists and pedestrians were placed at risk.

Council sources told The Advertiser is was unlikely the new surface would be “ripped up”, but suggested “roughing up” the pavers was one potential solution being investigated.