Renault RS Monitor: quick look

The Renault RS Monitor 2.0 data logging system made its global debut back in 2013 on the all-new fourth-generation Clio RS.
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Expanding on the brand’s earlier RS Monitor 1.0 – with features limited to acceleration and lap timing and tyre pressure monitoring – the more advanced Renault RS Monitor 2.0 is intended to appeal to enthusiasts testing their, and their car’s, wears on racetracks the world over.

First seen locally on both the new Clio RS and the limited edition Renault Megane RS265 Red Bull RB8 launched late last year, the functionality is now available on the facelifted Renault Megane RS as standard and on the $39,490 Megane GT220 Premium hatch seen here.

Accessed via the car’s R-Link touchscreen, the latest RS Monitor gives owners the ability to not only view but also record lap times, along with a range of performance driving data including G-force, throttle, braking, steering angle, power, torque and vital engine temperatures.

The data is displayed live on screen but is also able to be saved to a USB and uploaded to Renaultsports’ RS Replay website for post run analysis.

Renault RS Monitor 2.0 screenshot - 4

Via the RS Replay website, the system further allows circuits to be mapped – be they existing or created by the user themselves (albeit prefaced with warnings regarding breaking local road rules).

No doubt a cool feature when at the track, for day-to-day driving, the RS Monitor’s relevance is clearly reduced, though, it's no less entertaining.

Regardless of what car you own, however, if you’re a fan of Renault’s tech, an RS Monitor app is available for both iPhone and Andriod devices.