As part of an on-going Police operation in Victoria, nearly 4000 drivers in the northern Melbourne suburb of Preston were screened for drugs and alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights.
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Police caught 11 drivers under the influence as part of Operation Boags 4 which also tested vehicles for harmful levels of smoke and/or noise with the help of the EPA.

Drivers in breach of license suspensions, those with unregistered and unroadworthy cars and almost 40 taxis were also put off the road during the blitz.

The operation netted Victorian coffers over $150,000 in fines.

"When affected by alcohol, drivers are more likely to speed and also less likely to wear a seatbelt, both of which can have an enormous impact on the seriousness of any collision they may have," said the officer in charge, Constable Glenn Young. "Drivers who do break the law can expect to face severe financial penalties as well as the loss of their licence.”

Source: Herald-Sun