Peakhour Parking on Busy Roads

Each afternoon, I sit needlessly in a queue of traffic for at least 20 minutes because four or five cars choose to park in the left hand lane of a major through road. You see, the road in question is a four-lane road which has effectively been cut to two lanes, due to occasional parking on both sides of the road.
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I don't know what the cost of a 2km stretch of road is, but you would think it would be well over a million bucks. So why does the RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority) allow expensive roads to be turned into car parks for the chosen few, in peak hour?

I might add, there are no units on this street, just houses which all have their own driveways and/or garages.

I went through the torturous task of calling a government authority, and after no less than ten transfers to different departments, each requiring my complaint to be retold, I finally got on to someone who said that it would be too difficult to ask these few residents to keep the road clear during afternoon peakhour.

Oh, they also said that they had not noticed any queues on this particular road. Yeh, right! Perhaps they did their research after 10pm when they were paid a loading on top of their weekly earnings.

- by Anthony