Renault TraficRider concept teased

The all-new Renault Trafic van is set to get the KnightRider treatment, as the brand prepares to show what is expected to be a new technologically-advanced version of the load lugger on September 2.
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A teaser video of the Renault van has been shown, highlighting the funky coloured lights that are fitted to the grille (which can also be seen in the image above) similar to those seen on KITT from the iconic 1980s television series. That's where the Rider part of this model's name comes from.

Nothing else about the TraficRider - which has been teased using that hashtag - is known at this point in time. Read more about the all-new Renault Trafic (pictured bottom), which goes on sale in Australia in early 2015.

The French company is also set to show a new hyper-frugal concept vehicle at the 2014 Paris motor show in October, which is said to be capable of 141 miles per gallon (1.67 litres per 100 kilometres).

However, Renault design chief Laurens van den Acker told Autocar that model won't be a modified car based on an existing platform.

“We’ve come up with a really interesting concept,” he told the UK site. “It doesn’t have an existing platform, because the existing platform would be too heavy. To be able to get to these numbers you need a dramatic weight reduction and a dramatic aerodynamic improvement.”