America Ruins the Mini Cooper

Americans have a habit of, well, Americanising things. Usually the rest of the world simply nods and moves away. However when this thing showed up on our screens this morning. We just couldn't nod anymore.
America Ruins the Mini Cooper
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This is more than one million Swarovski crystals attached to a poor Mini Cooper. Referred to as the Burkitt & Burkitt’s American Icon. A work of, the whole process wasted the life of four people for almost half a year. The company says all crystals were placed on the car one at a time.

Firstly, has anyone reminded the Americans that

  1. U571 was about a British Submarine
  2. The Mini Cooper is originally a British car
  3. It is now owned by the Germans (BMW)
America Ruins the Mini Cooper Sideamericanisedminicooper3.jpg

Obviously not. The car is so American the paint work reflects such patriotic American images as Mount Rushmore, the Hollywood sign as well as the Statue Of Liberty.

americanisedminicooper4.jpgAmerica Ruins the Mini Cooper

As for the price? Its not for sale, we would think that would be more due to the lack of demand than the 6 month waiting list and the half million dollar price tag.