Full Throttle: Day 12

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I really don't know how to start this update. I am still a little shell shocked by the cars I've experienced today. Out of our list of cars to drive in Europe, I have to admit that the Techart tuned Porsches were not on my favourite list (Anthony has always been the Porsche fan in this company). How quickly things change.


I started the day in the Techart GTsport, based on the Porsche Cayman S. Not only has it got a bucket-load more power than the regular version, it also has a whole new aerodynamic package and a sound to die for.

We headed up to a Castle in Leonberg and our famous photographer, Jan, took some brilliant photos of the two Porsches with possibly the best scenery in town as the background.


Whilst Karl was busy filming the GTsport, I explored Techart's hero car, the GTstreetRS (based on the Porsche GT2). Now when I say this car is fast, I am not kidding.


This rear-wheel drive monster has 700+ horsepower and 860Nm of torque. It can go 345km/h and catapults you from 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds (don't blink or you'll miss it). Just the thought of driving it had given me nightmares the night before.


After the castle was done, the people at Techart asked us if we want to go to a nearby airport to conclude filming. Beautiful sky, two exhilarating cars and a massive runway, the heavens were smiling on the Full Throttle team today.

As we pulled outside the entrance to the runway, about 14 police bikes entered the facility at the same time. Not exactly the ideal scenario when you're aiming to do 300km/h runs.

Thankfully German police are a friendly bunch and they left us to our own. With George driving a Cayenne S and Karl filming out of the back, this was going to be one hell of a day.


A few hours went past and I was trying to work out how I could get a loan to buy the GTsport. Unfortunately that plan was quickly forgotten as Anthony handed over the keys to the GTstreetRS. Oh God.

Not since the Bugatti Veyron had I felt such ferocious acceleration. There is a bit of lag till about 3,500 RPM, but when the boost comes, it comes so hard that you're going to need spinal surgery.


Second gear acceleration is so violent that the first few times you have to back off just to get used to the power.

A few high speed driving shots in the GTstreetRS and I stopped talking (rather unusual, I'm told). I had nothing left to say, I really didn't know what to say, it's quite simply the fastest car (bar the Veyron) I've ever driven.


The weirdest thing about the GTstreetRS is not the speed or the handling, but that you can actually drive it to the shops as a normal car and it will behave as such.

I've never been a true Porsche fan before, but Techart has converted me today.

Make sure you watch our video teaser.

I've worked out that by the end of this trip I'm going to need a loan for $9 million Australian dollars to buy all these cars. Donations are welcome.

Tomorrow the Full Throttle team conclude filming with Techart, we then head back to Munich to return our M5, which has been the silent highlight of this trip.

From there we head to Stetton for Novitec. There we will drive one of the fastest Ferraris in the world.

There is no wonder we've had 5000+ job applicants this year.