It may have been the most infamous car crash of its time, but the man who deliberately ploughed his Bugatti Veyron into a lake may soon be facing some serious jail time.
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Andy House bought the ultra-exotic Bugatti Veyron for US$1 million in 2009, and insured the car at US$2.2 million. In November of that year, House crashed into a lake in Texas, apparently to avoid a low-flying pelican.

The problem with his story was that House was being filmed when the accident happened, and there was no evidence that a pelican was near the car when he changed his course and plunged nose-first into the body of water outside of La Marque, Texas. House also claimed he dropped his phone, but according to reports out of the US, evidence was presented of the driver's deliberate and intentional swerve into the water.

That essentially amounted to an insurance fraud case, to which House, now 39, pleaded guilty. It was also alleged that House had attempted to have the car stolen and torched in order to collect the insurance money.

He's facing 20 years in prison, with a sentencing date still to be confirmed.