The CarAdvice crew has been given more than just an up-close glimpse of Porsche's new Panamera four-door coupe during our Full Throttle 2 tour of Europe, going one step further by experiencing its performance first-hand.
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In an impossible encounter, one half of the Full Throttle team stumbled across a still slightly disguised Porsche Panamera on an unrestricted stretch of a German autobahn in our BMW M5 chase car.

Its performance would suggest this was the flagship twin-turbocharged V8 variant as it was happily pulling away from our BMW M5 at speeds in excess of 250km/h, prompted by the sight of our camera.

2009 Porsche Panamera autobahn encounter

Having already made its official debut at the Shanghai Motor Show it was certainly strange to see a prototype on the road, begging the question that perhaps Porsche has not yet finished its engine development.