BMW working on the M10?

We already have the M3/M5/M6, all of which are feared and respected by all manufacturers, but if you thought the M5/6 were big enough to satisfy BMW's ego, you thought wrong. News from around the automotive world hints at a new car sporting the M badge. The BMW M10.
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Its obvious though, that while the M3/M5/M6 are all true sports cars in their own right, BMW lacks a proper supercar, one to take on the mighty German rivals, Mercedes, Audi and of course, Porsche.

It seems that the world is obsessed with developing Porsche 911 killers. Be it the Japanese with the new GT-R or Audi with the Audi R8, BMW has now also jumped on board to overthrow the 911.

Although mostly rumours (from credible sources), from what we know, the M10 will most likely follow a traditional front-engine rear-wheel drive setup. The car will be powered by the M5/6s V10 engine (most likely upgraded to either a V12 or forced induction), power is expected to be around 400kW.


The rumours all started when the BMW Concept CS went on display in Shanghai (pictured above). We only hope the M10 will keep some of the styling ideas we see in the concept.