Our little birds have caught the Jeep Renegade's Italian twin, the Fiat 500X, out testing on public roads in Europe.
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The smallest Jeep and the off-roader-ish Fiat 500X both ride on the same platform, but, from what we can see here, the two will look very different.

Even with the 500X's body almost entirely covered in bulging armour, matt black paint and plenty of tape, it's clear that the soft-roading 500X features more steeply raked front and rear windscreens than the squarer Renegade.

Fiat 500X spy photo - side and rear

The Fiat also ditches the Renegade's rectilinear wheel arches and third side window. The third model in the 500 family also features rounder wing mirror shells than its Jeep sibling.

Up front, the 500X features a version of the 500's round headlights. These are accompanied by smaller auxiliary units underneath.

At the rear, rounded rectangular tail-lights maintain a visual link to the diminutive hatchback.

Fiat 500X spy photo - interior

CarAdvice's spy photographers even managed to fire away a few shots of the 500X's interior. Again, the two relations seem to differ quite a bit.

In the Renegade, the central air vents are mounted at the top of the dashboard, while in the 500X they're sandwiched between the audio system and air conditioning controls. The 500X, like the 500, will also have a body coloured strip running across the width of the dashboard.

For the 500X, the instrument cluster features three gauge pods. The two models, though, do share the same steering wheel.

It's expected that the Fiat 500X will be available in both front- and all-wheel-drive versions, and with both diesel and petrol engines. Sales should begin in Europe and North America during the first half of 2015, and in Australia from late 2015 or potentially 2016.

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