Ford Australia to start exporting

Ford Australia has announced that it has plans to export it's locally made cars. The blue oval told reporters that the upcoming Ford Falcon (code named Orion) will be made on a platform suitable for both Left and Right hand drive. It is about time Ford Australia decided to export its vehicles. Personally I am not sure why they are not going to be exporting the XR-6 T or the FPV Typhoon. They are absolutely fantastic cars which would do great in the high end sport car market in American and in Europe. Better than the Monaro.
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"While we have no concrete export plans to announce at this time, our new strategic direction as a company will involve us actively targeting additional opportunities for our outstanding domestically manufactured vehicles," Ford Australia president Tom Gorman says

GM Holden has been exporting up to 30,000 Holden Statesmen to the middle east for a few years and it appears that Ford has finally decided to play catch up.

"There a number of opportunities in front of us," Worthington says. "We are not out to cut the lunch of any other Ford brand or any other corporate brand, but we believe our car will be competitive and it is our challenge to convince the markets."

It may not also be just the Ford Falcon that is being exported but more so the actual technology and platform that the Falcon is built on. Full story over at CarsGuide