A spy shot that offers the first look at the rear end of the new 2015 Ford Falcon has been posted anonymously on Facebook.
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The photograph appears genuine and captures a Falcon G6E, revealing a back end as dramatically changed as the large car's front (pictured below) and matched in terms of the much cleaner look.

Above a redesigned lower bumper are re-profiled tail-lights inspired by those on the upcoming, new-generation Mondeo - running from the rear quarter panel into the bootlid, unlike the current Falcon where the lid is free of lighting.

For a smart piece of design symmetry, the 'reverse lights' section of the tail-lights are joined by a horizontal strip across the bootlid.

Ford Falcon G6E

To our eyes it's a great-looking rear that is a long, long way from the droopy AU of the late 1990s, and points to a promisingly cohesive overall car design in the way it appears to marry naturally with the G6E's redesigned nose.

Ford Australia has been releasing official images of what will be the last ever Falcon during the past week, so far showing front-three-quarter poses of the XR8, XR6 and G6E.


The company has also shown the first image of the final update to the Territory SUV before production of both models ends in October 2016.