The drip-feed of the 2015 Ford Falcon is continuing, with the first reveal of the Ford Falcon G6E following the XR8 and XR6 models last week.
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Ford Australia's single image of the G6E shows the subtle front-end differences between the executive-style G-series model and the sportier XR6.

The densely dark hexagonal grille of the XR6 is swapped for a prominent chrome piece featuring four horizontal chrome bars, while there's also a slight revision for the lower air intake.

Dual-lamp headlights on the Ford Falcon G6E also adopt a single chrome surround underneath where the XR6's light units feature a chrome strip under each lamp.

There's a nice detail in the foglight housings, too, with the silver surround shaped to form a 'G'. And where the XR6 sits on alloy wheels with a five dual-spoke design, there's a 10 dual-spoke look for the G6E.

The Ford Falcon G6E will again come with a choice of new-school 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo 'EcoBoost' or old-school 4.0-litre inline six-cylinder engines, with a G6E Turbo performance variant emerging again with a turbocharged version of the inline six.

Falcon engines will make further fuel economy gains, though no change is expected in engine outputs - 179kW/353Nm for the turbo four, 195kW/391Nm for the six-cylinder, and 270kw/533Nm for the turbo six.

The last ever Ford Falcon before the Ford Motor Company closes local manufacturing in October 2016 is due to be released in November, alongside the final revised version of the Territory SUV.