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Mazda has expanded its retroactive lifetime capped-price service plan beyond just the Mazda3 and onto the entire passenger and commercial vehicle line-up.

Called Mazda Service Select, the plan covers the entire life of every Mazda vehicle, and also changes the increments of services from a rigid six-months/10,000km to as much as 12-months/10,000km, meaning low-mileage drivers aren’t necessarily forced into visiting their dealers twice a year.

This plan also eases dealer congestion, meaning potentially shorter wait times for owners.

The benefit of a capped-price service plan is surety for the buyer that each dealer has to charge a set amount for each service, rather than the dealers being able to adjust the price themselves.


Most capped-price service plans cover between three and six years, making the Mazda offer an industry leading one, at least in that regard. Mazda announced the plan in January this year, but until recently only the new Mazda 3 was officially covered.

Important also is the fact that Mazda Service Select has an element of retroactivity. In other words, owners of existing models purchased before today’s announcement can also get cover.

The break-down is as follows: Owners of MX-5s from 2009, Mazda2s from 2010, BT-50s from 2011, Mazda 6s, CX-5s and CX-9s from 2012 and new-generation Mazda 3s from 2014 onwards all go onto this new plan from whatever odometer reading they’re currently showing.

It is worth pointing out, however, that while the lifetime term of coverage is unmatched, the cost of each service still exceeds some volume rivals.


For instance, each Mazda 3 service costs either $291 or $318, while Toyota charges $130 for the first six Corolla services and each Hyundai i30 dealer visit costs $219.

“We’ve had encouraging feedback from both customers and the dealer network since Mazda Service Select was introduced on all-new Mazda 3 earlier this year,” said Mazda Australia managing director Martin Benders.

“With Service Select now available across the entire current model range those customers can rest assured that servicing their vehicle will now be better aligned with their actual vehicle usage while also providing excellent value for money and ensuring your vehicle is maintained in peak condition.”

Lifetime service pricing for each Mazda model can be found here.