The 2015 Toyota 86 has gone on sale in Australia complete with suspension tweaks, interior enhancements and a small price increase for the flagship GTS variant.
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Announced globally in April, Toyota’s upgraded two-seat rear-wheel-drive 86 sports car features a revised suspension set-up that claims to deliver “better handling response and steering feel while also enhancing ride quality”.

Toyota claims new suspension mounts and the use of lower-friction oil, oil seals and guide bushings produce decreased body roll and increased handling stability from the compact coupe.

The suspension tweak, completed by Toyota 86 global chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, also features retuned shock absorbers, with specific attention paid to their initial movement and reactions when the car is operating at its limits or on wet roads.

Inside, the entry-level 86 GT gains the instrument cluster from the high-grade GTS, which features a digital speed readout and a rev indicator light to warn of the approaching redline. Automatic GT variants also gain a shift position indicator.


The 86 GTS adds a reverse-view camera and a carbonfibre-look dashboard panel. The price of the GTS manual rises $500 to $36,490, while the auto is up $800 to $39,290. The GT retains its previous pricing: $29,990 for the manual, $32,790 for the auto.

The updated Toyota 86 also features a shark-fin roof antenna and two new exterior paint shades (white and silver).


The Toyota 86 has proved a hit for the Japanese brand in Australia since its launch in June 2012. In May, the company confirmed it had sold its 10,000


86 in our market, putting us third overall behind Japan and the US. Sales have slowed recently, however, with the car down 38 per cent in the first half of this year to 2159.

Subaru is expected to announce a similar update for its version of the 86, the BRZ, in the near future.