If the latest rumblings out of Zuffenhausen are correct, the launch of Porsche's sub-Panamera sedan has been pushed back until 2019 at the very earliest.
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British magazine Car reports that Porsche has been asked by parent Volkswagen to pare back its model plans, with the future CLS and 6-Series rival drawing the short straw.

The sub-Panamera sedan, nicknamed Panamera Junior or Pajun for short, has been making its way around the rumour mill for a while now. Pajun was reportedly part of an internal plan dubbed Porsche Product Strategy 2018 and was scheduled for launch in 2018.

Porsche Panamera GTS - 29

Stylistically Pajun would have followed the template set out by the Macan, whereby the styling of a larger, existing model is shrunk in the washer to clothe a smaller vehicle. As such, the Pajun would have kept the basic outline of the Panamera's five-door body style (above), as well as its stretched 911 looks.

Had things panned out as planned, the front-engine Pajun would have been powered primarily by V6 petrol and diesel engines, with a hybrid version further down the track.

The silver lining for enthusiasts is that the minimalist 718 is reportedly still very much alive and will undercut the related Boxster in price. It's unclear if the Ferrari 458-rivalling 988, which is said to be powered by an eight-cylinder boxer engine, is still in the works.