Virtual racing lines and ghost cars could be about to take the leap from video games to reality thanks to the latest concept from Jaguar.
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The Jaguar Virtual Windscreen concept uses virtual imaging technology to project high-quality graphics across the entire windscreen, giving drivers extra information and an enhanced ‘virtual’ view of the road or racetrack.

Jaguar says the technology could be used to project racing line and braking guidance information onto the windscreen as well as ‘ghost car’ racing mode, allowing drivers to visualise their car on previous laps or compete against laps uploaded by other drivers.

It also foresees the technology aiding driver training, allowing drivers to perform manoeuvres around virtual cones and other obstacles.

Jaguar Land Rover research and technology director Dr Wolfgang Epple said the Virtual Windscreen technology could enhance the brand’s behind-the-wheel experience and reduce driver distraction.

“By presenting the highest quality imagery possible, a driver need only look at a display once,” Epple said.

“Showing virtual images that allow the driver to accurately judge speed and distance will enable better decision-making and offer real benefits for every-day driving on the road, or the track.”


The Virtual Windscreen is the latest concept from JLR, following its self-learning car technology, announced yesterday.

The company has not announced when or if its Virtual Windscreen will make the leap to its production cars at this stage.