2015 Audi R8 may debut wireless charging

The next-generation electrified Audi R8 could be the first car for the brand to be offered with inductive wireless charging.
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The German luxury brand confirmed to CarAdvice that it is looking to offer wireless inductive charging for future models with electric or part-electric drivetrains at the launch of the new petrol-electric Audi A3 e-tron.

Tobias Meyer of Audi product marketing told CarAdvice that having to plug in to recharge is the way of things right now, but suggested inductive wireless charging has the potential to be rolled out for future models.

“We are [looking in to wireless charging]. It’s under investigation. We are discussing this topic but it’s not planned for the A3 e-tron,” he said.

“It’s brand new, and wireless charging is an expensive technology, and we are discussing the topic right now.”

Audi R8 7

Meyer indicated that the technology would likely debut on a flagship model for the brand – potentially the next-generation R8 supercar expected in 2015, the e-tron version of which will be electric-only rather than hybrid.

“That would be a possible idea. For example, yes,” he said of the R8 becoming the first vehicle to gain the tech.

To this point, wireless charging has followed a basic principle – there’s a charging base plate positioned in the parking space that communicates with a receiving plate on the underside of the front of the car.

“I think there are different ideas, but that would be one possible idea.

“Some suppliers already showed a plate on the floor and then a plate on the bottom of the car, and then they recognise each other and they start charging," Meyer said.

Audi isn’t the only brand to confirm plans for plugless EVs this week, with BMW and Daimler announcing plans to collaborate to offer inductive recharging, too.

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