As if 412kW of power and 700Nm wasn't enough for the family wagon, the Audi RS6 Avant is reportedly set to see a power bump in the form of the Audi RS6 Plus model.
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Leaked information on an Audi dealer site in the UK states the new RS6 Plus will become the latest in a line of even-more-powerful versions of the brand's performance offerings, following in the tyre tracks of the Audi TT RS Plus which saw a jump from 250kW/450Nm in the regular TT RS to a beefier 265kW/465Nm.

Audi RS6 Plus Avant UK dealer

The above screenshot was captured by GTSpirit, though it is reported that the information was not supposed to be released to the public yet - we'd expect some official news closer to the Paris motor show in October.

“The RS6 Plus is the latest of Audi’s stunning RS ‘Plus’ models, offering even greater performance and agility than the standard RS6—on or off the track," the site proclaims.

"The RS6 Avant Plus uses a tuned version of the 4.0-litre V-8 TFSI RS6 engine which produces 600 hp—40 more than the RS6.”

To put that power figure into kilowatt terms, it's a jump from 412kW to an estimated 442kW. It is unknown if the car's torque will also rise, nor if there will be any other changes to the brand's flagship wagon.

Audi Australia said it had no comment to make regarding the potential new model.

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