Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the Renault-Nissan alliance, says that autonomous vehicles could be available for sale by 2020 if legislation doesn't get in the way.
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According to Reuters, Ghosn made the remarks at an event held by the Automobile Club de France.

The Renault and Nissan CEO continued by saying: "The problem isn't technology, it's legislation, and the whole question of responsibility that goes with these cars moving around ... and especially who is responsible once there is no longer anyone inside".

Ghosn said that autonomous cars could be on the roads of France, Japan and the US by 2018, with commercial sales or leases beginning in Europe in 2020.

The CEO's remarks at the event in France reiterate his earlier commitment to bringing self-driving cars to market.

Work on autonomous vehicles seems to be gathering pace this year. In February, Renault unveiled the Next Two, a Zoe EV that's capable of driving itself when travelling at less than 30km/h.

While in April, Volvo's Drive Me programme began testing autonomous cars on the streets of the company's home town of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Late in May, Google made worldwide news when it unveiled and demonstrated a prototype vehicle from its self-driving car project. Not only did this tiny two-seat car have a cute koala face, but it did without pedals and a steering wheel.

This was followed up days later when Mercedes-Benz announced that its S500 Intelligent Drive successfully piloted itself along the 100km route from Mannheim to Pforzheim used by Bertha Benz, back in 1888, to demonstrate the Benz Patent Motorwagen.