2011 Ford Focus rendered speculation

The face lifted Focus range has reinvigorated the popular hatch, headlined by the aggressive performance flagship RS model, although this merely preempts the arrival of the all-new Focus due in 2011.
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The new model will take Ford’s kinetic design to its limits, offering a truly global package with international style, highly-efficient powertrains and innovative green technologies.

These artists’ renderings provide a glimpse at what we may be able to expect from Ford, combining the current kinetic motif with the “Bold American” theme currently employed by the Fusion and Edge crossover SUV.

2011 Ford Focus rendered speculation

Under the “One Ford” product strategy devised by CEO Alan Mullaly, the next-generation Focus is being designed and engineered by Ford of Europe which has been assigned the role as the brand’s centre for global small-car development.

This strategy has been formulated with the aim of reducing initial costs and improving manufacturing economies of scale by employing a single design for all markets rather than introducing separate designs for specific regions.

The car will likely debut Ford’s new C3 architecture which has been built as a versatile platform to suit a wider range of vehicle types including compact-crossovers and people movers, along with eventually forming the underpinnings of sister models such as the Mazda3 and Volvo range.

The new Focus will be the make-or-break car for Ford as the economic slump will no doubt eventually take its toll on what has so far proved to be the most resilient US car maker.