Audi, Honda and Volvo have confirmed that their future in-car entertainment systems will be supported by both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
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In a statement released overnight confirming ongoing development work to integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into the brand's MMI entertainment and nav systems, Audi said that "customers will be able to choose at any time which of these platforms they wish to use in their cars". The first Audi vehicles with support for CarPlay and Android Auto will start rolling out in 2015.

Speaking to CarAdvice, a spokesman from Honda USA confirmed the company's upcoming audio systems will also be compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The first cars so equipped will enter American dealers in 2015, although it's yet to be decided which models will be the first to benefit.

Volvo Cars president and CEO Hakan Samuelsson said, the impact of the technology will result in the brand's vehicle interiors being characterised by "high-tech simplicity and functionality".

“Google’s approach to user-centricity and the application of technology to improve people’s everyday lives makes Android Auto a perfect addition to the Volvo experience,” Samuelsson said.

Although we've sent out enquiries, we've yet to hear any confirmed dates for Australian availability of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay equipped systems, whether they be factory installed units or third-party devices.

Regardless, this is good news for consumers. After yesterday's reveal of Android Auto at the Google I/O developers' conference, there was still some lingering doubt whether car buyers would have to choose between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay at purchase time. Instead these entertainment systems will be able to recognise which mobile operating system is being connect to it and begin use of the correct protocols.

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow drivers to interact with their connected smartphone via their car's entertainment system. Not only will users be able to play music and make calls, they'll be able to hear text messages, dictate responses, enjoy turn-by-turn navigation and use car-friendly versions of selected apps.