Hyundai Australia is set to break the 100,000 sales mark for the first time in 2014.
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Having shown consistent month-on-month growth for the last 24 months in a row, Hyundai Australia is keen to continue that trend at least until the end of the year.

The company’s chief operating officer, John Elsworth, told CarAdvice in Seoul, South Korea, this week that Hyundai’s growth is sustainable and consistent.

“It’s not double digit growth, its just consistent growth that we can manage.” Elsworth said.

“Ours is a business that we do not plan to miss targets. We adjust our business on the run to not miss targets. We are pretty dynamic on how we make decisions”

In 2013 Hyundai Australia sold 97,006 vehicles, up from 91,536 in 2012. Hitting the 100,000 mark will be a big milestone for the brand, which less than a decade ago was struggling to gain traction. If it were to achieve that level of sales this year it would be particularly impressive given the slow state of the new car sales market, which is down 2.9 per cent compared to 2013.

“The first time you do over 100,000 in the auto industry is almost like you’ve grown up as a company and matured. I think it would be a real turning point for our business.”


Hyundai plans to bring more structure to its internal operations in order to better cater to its growing customer base.

“We are really trying to install a lot of discipline process in our business so that when you become a big business that does in excess of 100,000 cars, you have a lot of discipline process to support it and that will let you leap frog to the next level.”

But despite the continuing success, rival Mazda still leads the sales race against the South Korean brand year-to-date, a fact Elsworth confirms as a non-issue for the brand.

“We don’t have plans to chase down Mazda, we don’t sit around and talk about it at all. We have our goals and our targets and everyone is focused on getting there. If that means that at one point we jump them, so be it - but we don’t sit around to talk about it.”


From January to May this year Hyundai has sold 2657 Accents, 3448 Elantras, 5903 i20s, 12,449 i30s, 1175 i40s, 1859 iLoads, 787 iMaxs, 7275 ix35s, 2624 Santa Fes and 1412 Velosters.

In November this year the Hyundai Genesis will step in to take the brand in a new direction, while updates for the i30, Veloster and Santa Fe will arrive before year's end.

Hyundai is expecting its best month on record in June and will need roughly 3.5 percent growth year-on-year to crack the 100,000 sales mark.