Track-based RS Academy supercar club

Even for those who are fortunate enough to afford a supercar of their own, the idea of a joining a supercar club is becoming more and more enticing as an alternative, offering the thrills of supercar ownership without the drawbacks.
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Now a new track-based supercar club has made this decision even more difficult, offering members the opportunity to not only drive some of the world’s most exotic cars, but with no limits at a selection of the world’s finest race circuits.

The RS Academy has been formed by Rob Stanbury, a former staff member of the original supercar club, P1 International in 2005 whose belief is that driving a Lamborghini or Porsche on today’s roads is a bit like riding a racehorse around your garden – in a word, frustrating!

“It was while at P1 that I saw the potential for a track-based operation that allowed members to experience supercars as never before – in my view, those limited to road use can never fully exploit such vehicles without risking their licence, or their own and other people’s safety.”

The Academy will operate from three of the world’s best circuits – the undisputed Mecca of motor sport, the Nürburgring, Belgium’s Spa Francorchamps and the ultra-exclusive, privately-owned Ascari Race Resort near Marbella in Spain.

As it has only just opened, only a relatively small fleet of supercars are currently on offer, but that can be likened to saying only a few Victoria’s Secret models will be joining you in the penthouse suite.

Among the current list of cars are the Renault Megane R26.R, Caterham R500 Superlight (current Top Gear Power Lap holder), BMW M3 CSL, Porsche GT3 RS (997), Lamborghini Superleggera and Radical SR3.

Three forms of membership are available, Individual, Shared and Corporate, making the experience either a private indulgence, fun for a few or the ultimate work Christmas party.

As part of the membership, expert tuition is provided before slipping behind the wheel of a different car or exploring a new track, along with insurance against accidental damage and personal injury whilst on track.

Membership starts from just shy of A$40,000 for an individual membership and tops out at just over A$70,000 for a corporate membership with up to five named drivers.

We can dream.