The Peugeot 508 may be succeeded by two new mid-sized models, according to the French car maker’s boss.
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Peugeot CEO Maxime Picat told Autocar the company was thinking seriously about offering a ‘four-door coupe’ model alongside a more conventional sedan when the current 508 is replaced around 2017.

“We are considering two body styles,” Picat said, “one more dynamic, one more spacious and comfortable.

“But we are seeing how the market goes.”

The two-model strategy would mirror that of Volkswagen, which sells the swoopy CC alongside the regular Passat, joining the trend started by Mercedes-Benz, which markets the CLS above the standard E-Class on which it’s based.

Autocar says a “well placed source” said the four-door coupe version could take design inspiration from the sporty Peugeot Exalt concept, which debuted at the Beijing auto show in April.


High demand for traditional sedans in China and wagons in Europe means the conventional model will not be replaced entirely by the sleeker version – which is expected to feature swept styling, a slimmer glasshouse and a more heavily raked rear windscreen.

The news comes just one day after Peugeot unveiled the facelifted 508 sedan and wagon, which are expected to go on sale in Australia by about April 2015.