CarAdvice embarks on Aussie V8 showdown

Key Dates:Wednesday 22nd April, 11AM - Spingy Motors dyno testing.Tuesday 28th April, 6AM onward - Economy drive to Tarcutta, first live feed at 6AM from South Yarra.
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AMD versus Intel, Labor versus Liberal and AFL versus soccer - er that should be football, lifelong rivalries that rarely ever reach a conclusion. Passionate followers will never be swayed and future generations follow on with what their elders have taught them.

Well, with baited breath CarAdvice is stepping into the fight, putting Holden’s new Active Fuel Management (AFM) SS Commodore up against Ford’s BOSS XR8. The gloves will be removed in earnest to bring readers a duel worthy of boast.

2009 Holden VE SS

CarAdvice will set out to see not only which vehicle is the most efficient in a long distance drive, we will also performance test the cars on both a rolling road dynomometer and with our VBox measurement equipment.

It WILL be the ultimate showdown.

The following diagram illustrates where we will drive. Unlike some other publications that go to the effort of taping gaps and folding mirrors during economy drives, we will simulate genuine driving conditions, just as average drivers would normally undertake.

CarAdvice embarks on Aussie V8 Challenge

In addition, you will be able to follow our journey via live Google Maps updates and four live video updates from South Yarra, Glenrowan, Tarcutta and Glenrowan again.

So, make sure you log on to CarAdvice on Wednesday 22nd April from 11AM Eastern Standard Time for some live video from our dyno day and again on Tuesday, 28th April from 6AM for the main event to see how we’re going on our economy drive.

Bambuser LogoSpringy PerformanceApplied MeasurementIn addition to the live video, you will be able to chat to us - live - as well! So if you have any questions that you must have answered right away, we’ll be on hand to answer them.We have no idea how the results will pan out, we are genuinely very keen to see the results!