Proton hires German quality expert

Proton has today announced the appointment of a new Director of Quality, ex-BMW man Dr Wolfgang Karl Epple.
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According to Proton's managing director, Syed Zainal, the company believes that with Dr Epple's strong technical, managerial expertise and leadership he will be able to drive the quality transformation process for the Proton Group.

"Dr Epple is optimistic and looks forward to contributing and developing Proton's quality function and aims to further improve Proton's brand equity in the respective markets," said Syed Zainal.

Dr Epple worked for BMW for 23 years having last served BMW as Vice President of Quality Management Research and Development.

Before that he managed BMW's role in its Hybrid Cooperation project with Daimler, Chrysler and GM in Detroit, USA.

As a Project Director he was in charge of the current BMW 3-series.

In his capacity as General Manager for Industrialisation in BMW South Africa, Dr Epple was responsible for the adaptation and release of the European cars to local conditions.

In 1993 he formulated and implemented the strategy to make BMW SA fit for the international market. He also led BMW's export initiative in South Africa where he managed BMW's biggest investment program.

The announcement of Dr Epple's appointment could be the start of a very interesting transformation at Proton, one which we await with eager anticipation.