The upcoming Porsche Macan has already found 600 buyers in Australia ahead of its local launch for what is expected to be the brand’s second best-selling model this year.
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With a starting price of $84,900, the new Macan is destined to change the brand’s attainability rate in Australia, with 71 per cent of the 600 buyers so far being new to the badge.

Of those, 46 per cent have picked the entry model Macan S Diesel ($84,900), 33 per cent the Macan S petrol ($87,200) and 21 per cent have opted for the range-topping Macan Turbo ($122,900).


Porsche Australia is expecting about 800 Macans from Germany this calendar year and with 600 already accounted for, the remainder of the year will see a healthy buildup of order banks heading into 2015, keeping alive the brand’s manifesto to always “build one less car than the market can absorb”.

The German company expects to sell between 100-140 Macans in Australia per month once volume levels normalise. However, with global production capacity limited to just 50,000 units per year (with potential to go up to 70,000 in the near future), the supply and demand metric is likely to remain in the manufacturer’s favour for some time.

Porsche Cars Australia Managing Director, Sam Curtis, told CarAdvice that despite the Macan’s relatively low entry price, Porsche is not about chasing volume for volume’s sake.

“With the new Macan, for the first time you can get a petrol [engine] for under $100,000.” Curtis said.

“So the question for us was, do we go out with that message? Is that the launch message? Is that the retail message? But we haven’t gone out with that [pricing message]. It’s not about price, it’s about brand.”


Porsche Australia has also ruled out bringing the four-cylinder Macan models expected next year as it first seeks to assess the model’s success with the existing three V6 engine lineup.

“We are about organic growth - just because it [four-cylinder Macan] exists, it doesn’t mean it’s right for our market.”

The Porsche Macan is available for order from Porsche dealers nationwide, with first customer deliveries expected in the coming weeks.

CarAdvice is at the local launch of the Porsche Macan in Victoria today, check back soon for a full review. For now, more information can be found below: