Bosnian retiree Momir Bojic has created a truly unique Volkswagen Beetle by covering most of it with oak tiles.
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Over the course of two years Bojic, aged 71, hand crafted and fitted his Beetle with over 50,000 pieces of oak. Almost every available surface, including all of the body work, dashboard panel, A-pillar and radio, is covered with carefully laid out oak tiles. Each piece is claimed to have required 23 different procedures to make and fit.

Oakswagen Beetle rear

Some areas — such as the rear deck, B-pillar, windscreen wipers, wing mirrors, steering wheel, gear lever, engine vents, antenna, hub caps, and even the rear brake light — are fitted with straighter, longer pieces. There are also custom made oak VW badges on the rear bumper attachments and interior mirror.

Look closely and you'll notice that Bojic is wearing a matching hat covered in oak shingles.

Oakswagen Beetle interior

The open-top Beetle does without side doors, but according to Bojic the car is roadworthy. It's unclear, though, how much weight all this extra wood adds to the Beetle.

According to a Bosnian Reddit user, Bojic, a retired carpenter, created the Oakswagen (pardon the pun) to honour his wife, who's still very much alive and actually helped him create the car. All up the wood is said to have cost Bojic around $8000, a small fortune for most Bosnians, and he's rejected several overtures from buyers willing to purchase the car for 10 times that.

Unsurprisingly Bojic garners a lot of attention every time he drives his oak-covered Volkswagen, especially at parades.