The introduction of Volvo’s new Drive-E engines and eight-speed automatic transmission to the Australian line-up has made the S60, V60 and XC60 up to 20 per cent quicker and 29 per cent more fuel efficient than before.
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The pair of new turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder T5 petrol and D4 diesel engines replaces the existing T5 and D4 engines in Volvo's three 60-series model lines, while the new eight-speed auto succeeds the old six-speed auto and dual-clutch gearboxes.

The drivetrain enhancements are accompanied by a $900 price rise to T5 and D4 variants across the S60, V60 and XC60 ranges, meaning the new technology is available from $56,890 in the S60 D4 Kinetic.

The new T5 petrol produces 180kW of power at 5500rpm and 350Nm of torque between 1500-4800rpm – up 3kW and 30Nm over the old engine.

Combined cycle fuel consumption is rated at 6.4 litres per 100km for the S60 (down from 8.6L/100km), 6.8L/100km for the V60 (down from 8.7L/100km) and 7.0L/100km for the XC60 (down from 8.7L/100km) – representing efficiency increases of between 20 and 25 per cent.

Volvo claims 0-100km/h acceleration of 6.3 seconds for the S60 (down 1.2sec), 6.4sec for the V60 (down 1.3sec) and 7.2sec for the XC60 (down 0.9sec).


The new D4 diesel produces 133kW at 4250rpm and 400Nm between 1750-2500rpm – up 13kW over the old five-cylinder engine.

Combined cycle fuel consumption falls to 4.2L/100km for the S60 (down from 5.9L/100km), 4.5L/100km for the V60 (down from 6.0L/100km) and 4.9L/100km for the XC60 (down from 5.7L/100km) – translating to fuel savings of between 14 and 29 per cent.

The Swedish car maker claims 0-100km/h sprint times of 7.4 seconds for the S60, 7.6sec for the V60 and 8.5sec for the XC60, making all three 1.8sec quicker than before.

The existing T4, D5 and T6 variants continue unchanged at this stage, though Drive-E engines and the eight-speed transmission will replace these in the local line-up in time.

As reported by CarAdvice in October, the most powerful engine in the Drive-E family, the turbocharged and supercharged 228kW/400Nm 2.0-litre four-cylinder T6 petrol, won’t replace the current 3.0-litre six-cylinder T6 until 2015.

2014 Volvo S60 range
T4 Kinetic $49,990
T4 Luxury $54,990
D4 Kinetic $56,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
D4 Luxury $61,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
T5 Luxury $59,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
T5 R-Design $63,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
T6 R-Design $71,990
Polestar $109,950

2014 Volvo V60 range
D4 Kinetic $57,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
D4 Luxury $62,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
T5 Kinetic $55,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
T5 Luxury $60,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
T5 R-Design $64,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
T6 R-Design $72,990

2014 Volvo XC60 range
D4 Kinetic $59,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
D4 Luxury $64,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
T5 Kinetic $57,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
T5 Luxury $62,890 (Drive-E, up $900)
D5 Luxury $69,990
D5 R-Design $73,990
T6 Luxury $74,990
T6 R-Design $78,990