With an ever-increasing and more affordable range, driving a Mercedes-Benz is a luxury that more and more Australians are getting accustomed to, but the German manufacturer is taking its role as the sales leader in the luxury segment to another level by offering customers helicopter transport services to and from Melbourne airport.
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The Heli-Express service, which is operated by Air Melbourne, travels out of the Mercedes-Benz Airport Express dealership, allowing for transfers between Melbourne airport and CBD (South Wharf) in around four minutes.


Customers simply leave their car at Air Melbourne headquarters in South Wharf and fly to the airport on twin-engined Agusta helicopters, which are met by Mercedes-Benz transfer vehicles providing direct transfers to terminals.

Alternatively, Mercedes-Benz customers flying into Melbourne can use the service to get in and out of the CBD for a nine-to-five day in Melbourne without the traffic congestion on each end.

The helipad is the only one situated at Melbourne Airport with direct clearance, while the CBD helipad is on the Yarra River at South Wharf. The service is offered from sunrise to sunset with a one-way Heli-Express flight costing $274.00 per person, meaning a round-trip will be $548.


With Melbourne traffic to and from the airport taking up to an hour in each direction, the flight cost may prove an efficient way for time-poor customers to utilise their day.

Soon, the service will expand to offer two services from Moorabbin Airport to Melbourne Airport in the morning, matched by two returning flights from Melbourne Airport to Moorabbin Airport at sunset. Plans are in order for flights Lilydale Airport as well.

So, if you want to avoid the Melbourne traffic (or simply want a ride on one of the fastest civilian helicopters you can get your hands on), click here.