Ford motor company executive chairman, Bill Ford, says Ford needs to diversify and embrace the future of mobility in order to grow with the changing market.
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Speaking to journalists at the Ford stand at today’s New York auto show, Ford conceded that Ford motors is currently a traditional car company but that it needs to embrace the changes in mobility.

“Today we define ourselves as a car and truck company, but we also know and one of the things we’ve been talking about the last 3-4 years, particularly in urban centres around the world, is that mobility is going to look very different and we can’t be locked into the current definition of who we are.” Ford said.


Ford is referring to the increasing number of inner-city residents that no longer buy new vehicles, preferring to short-term rent or sign up to companies that offer a subscription for occasional vehicle access (such as GoGet in Australia).

Speaking about the future, he believes that Ford needs to get smarter with how it predicts coming trends.

“As my great grandfather said, if we asked customers what they wanted they would’ve said a faster horse, and so thats the same way we need to look at it today.”

In regards to urban mobility, Ford said the ever increasing number of cars on the road has let to plenty of issues for car buyers.


“Not only is it dense driving patterns and all the things that gridlock, but frankly the whole notion of car ownership is being disrupted by uber, zipcar and others. There will be may more like those coming along and rather than fight it we need to embrace it and then anticipate even future changes.”

Ford motor company launched the new Focus sedan and 50th anniversary Mustang at the New York motorshow.