The new Ford Mustang has been made that little bit more special with the introduction of a very limited edition Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition.
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With just 1964 units built (to give significance to the date of the original Mustang), the 50th anniversary model pays homage to the original car with unique exterior and interior modifications.


From the outside the use of chrome is extended via the tailpipes, grille and side glass while the interior takes plenty of design tips from the original sports car.

Additional changes include the louvered rear-quarter windows made from layered sheets of glass. Unique 19-inch “Y-spoke” wheels finish the 50th anniversary model that also includes unique badging.


The 50th anniversary edition Ford Mustang is available only in left-hand drive for North American markets. Ford expects all 1964 units to be sold in the coming days with the vehicle expected to be a serious collectors item.

It's based on the Ford Mustang GT with the performance pack, which means it'll utilise a 5.0-litre V8 but power and torque figures remain unconfirmed. The limited edition model will be available in both manual and automatic variant in two colours, Wimbledon white (as per the original Mustang) and blue.


It will also be the only way you can get a Ford Mustang in automatic guise with the performance package.

Bill Ford, the company's executive chairman and great grandson of company founder Henry Ford, said the Mustang symbolises "where Ford has been and serves as a vision for where we are going." Noting that if "you don't like this car, you don't like cars."


The new Ford Mustang will launch in Australia late in 2015 with the model first meeting demand in North America followed followed by Europe before heading to Asia-pacific.

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