Peugeot Exalt : sporty four-door coupe revealed

The Peugeot Exalt concept has been revealed via a press release that was supposedly accidentally issued to French media overnight.
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The release includes a single image and preliminary details of the sleek four-door coupe concept, which will be revealed in full for the first time at the Beijing auto show later this month.

Peugeot says the sporty Exalt concept is “from the same lineage” as its Onyx supercar concept of 2012, sharing the earlier model’s thin, sinister-looking headlights; hexagonal grille; long, low bonnet; and wide, purposeful stance.

UPDATE: More images and details here


It says the concept’s body is created by the “association of crude steel and an efficient textile, ‘Shark Skin’, inspired by the structure of shark skin”, which, while the car maker didn’t elaborate, sounds similar to the material used to wrap the BMW GINA concept.

Powering the Peugeot Exalt concept is a “Hybrid4” drivetrain, combining a petrol engine and an electric motor for a peak output of 254kW.

Though described merely as a concept at this stage, the Exalt gives an insight into Peugeot’s vision for a sporty mid-sizer, potentially previewing a reimagined successor to the 407 Coupe to rival the likes of the Volkswagen CC.