The Jaguar XK is dead, and it doesn't look likely to be resurrected anytime soon.
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It was recently announced that the V8-powered Jaguar XK coupe would cease production within months, and while the news may have brought a tear to the eye of Jaguar purists, the brand says it has other priorities right now.

The XK nameplate has been around since 1996, spanning two generations and a range of hard-top and convertible models, including hardcore sports models such as the XKR-S (pictured).

Jaguar sports car program manager Kevin Richardson suggested to CarAdvice at the launch of the new F-Type Coupe that a replacement for the XK is years away - if there is one at all.

"As a company we need to make a profit," Richardson said. "The GT [grand tourer] segment has been shrinking for years."

"When the time is right [we may look into an XK-style car again]," Richardson said. However, he indicated that the brand was not working on a replacement model at this point in time, instead suggesting the F-Type, new XE compact luxury model and a potential crossover variant based on the C-X17 concept SUV (which is still yet to be officially confirmed, but is believed to be a done deal) were higher priorities at this stage.

Richardson said exciting, involving sports cars like the new F-Type were designed to bring new buyers to the brand.

"The F-Type is a halo car. It's the car to get people to pay attention. We need to get people to pay attention, to realise we are here," he said, before he suggested that the F-Type would pave the way for the new models as they were launched.

In Australia the Jaguar XK has been a stable seller, with 79 examples sold in 2013 and 78 in 2012. The current car is still on sale, with prices ranging from $188,645 for the entry-level coupe through to $298,645 for the XKR-S coupe and convertible models.