Alfa Romeo 4C enthusiasts who love the coupe’s curves but are less besotted by its polarising headlights will be able to option in the more conventional clusters of the convertible Spider variant.
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The 4C coupe’s eyes raised eyebrows when the production version debuted with unique exposed seven-lamp headlights at last year’s Geneva motor show.

Mixed feedback prompted a design rethink, and saw the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider concept debut earlier this month with conventionally arranged headlights with clear covers.

Alfa Romeo has confirmed the 4C coupe will be available to order with the Spider’s headlights as an option to the standard black-backed fixtures. The Spider will only be available with the conventional covered lights, however.


Fiat Chrysler Group Australia corporate communications director Karla Leach told CarAdvice the local division would look to follow suit in offering Australian customers any options that were available to overseas customers.

She said any such tweaks would not be available locally until 2015, however, with the specifications of the 300 cars destined for our shores this year already locked in.

Australia’s 2014 allocation includes 100 special ‘Launch Edition’ models and 200 regular production coupe variants. Leach confirmed approximately 120 orders have already been taken for the all-new two-seat Italian sports car, which it due to launch around the middle of the third quarter of this year.

The regular coupe will cost between $80K and $100K while the Launch Edition will cost roughly $20K more at $100K-$120K. The Spider, due locally in early 2015, is expected to be priced in the same range as the Launch Edition coupe, with a low six-figure price tag.

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