Last chance to order an HSV W427

Prospective owners of HSV's flagship $155,000 W427 have just three weeks left to decide whether they want one in their garage, with the order books set to close at 5pm on April 28.
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This is a far cry from the initial 200 vehicle build cap HSV had set for the model, although not out of character for a special edition HSV.

In HSV's latest statement it has been keen to emphasise the potential worth of this 'modern day classic' as a future collector’s item, labelling it a piece of Australian motoring history.

“Who knows what the market for exotic muscle cars will look like in the future? The purchase of a W427 might represent a savvy investment opportunity – as well as delivering a driving experience that is pure exhilaration and excitement,” Phil Harding said.

Although perhaps this has been its downfall, with many current owners guilted into keeping the car under wraps to preserve their 'investment' - a $155,000 gamble few can afford.