According to South Australian Road Safety Minister, Tom Koutsantonis, police have been stopping motorists to congratulate them on their driving habits.
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An online journal said that there were 45,000 more traffic stops than last year, which prompted Mr Koutsantonis to comment on the situation.

"Sometimes they (police) pull people over and tell them they've been doing a good job driving," he said on Adelaide radio.

But the opposition in SA said that was not what police should be doing with their time, labelling it "absolutely ridiculous".

"Police resources should be used to halt the rise in violent crime and to eradicate organised crime in SA, not on pulling over law-abiding South Australians," said opposition police spokesman David Ridgway."I want the minister to tell the SA community how many people over in the past 12 months have been pulled over by police officers to be told they are doing the right thing."

What do you think? Should positive re-inforcement be used as a police tactic?