I have to stop myself pulling over every time I see one of those Bang & Olufsen showrooms, for fear of sliding further into debt if I was to finally give in and buy one of these astonishing sound systems. Its just that I'd like to do it before I’m too old and deaf to enjoy it.
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But if you can afford an Aston Martin DB9 then you won’t ever need to visit a Bang & Olufsen showroom, if you tick this option box.

The two bespoke companies have teamed up and produced the BeoSound DB9, a 1000-Watt sound system, which has been perfectly matched for the DB9, both acoustically and physically.


Switch on the BeoSound DB9 and twin acoustic lens speakers raise silently out of either side the dashboard. These motorised tweeter units are a Bang & Olufesn patent and can disperse high frequency sounds throughout 180 degrees, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the car, the sound is just as good.

There are also five mid-range speakers, three further tweeters and three woofers, including a very serious 200mm subwoofer beneath the rear bench. All up there are thirteen speakers positioned at ten locations within the cabin.

And that’s just the back end. To run this highly advanced speaker network there is a Bang & Olufsen Digital Signal Processing unit, which manages all thirteen speakers for the perfect in-car listening experience.

But if you’ve had a particularly good month and are looking at the DB9 Volante (convertible) then that won’t affect the quality of the BeoSound DB9 in the slightest, the system has been modelled to account for changing road and noise conditions and that’s with the roof up or down.