How to buy a car guide questionnaire

Here at CarAdvice we are committed to helping our readers get the best car for their needs. From time to time you'll see us promote certain cars that are not mainstream but that's because we find the gems from the crowd.
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With that in mind, we want to produce a proper, reliable, and trustworthy free eBook to give away to our readers. The eBook will focus on the choosing, buying and financing process of a new or used car. However before our team goes to work to create the book, we'd like to hear about some areas which you think we need to cover.

What are the areas that you were/are frustrated with when buying a new or used car? For example:

  • not knowing if the make/model is reliable
  • not knowing if the price is good
  • dealing with car salesmen
  • not knowing if this is the right car
  • not knowing if there is a new model coming out soon
  • not knowing the resell value
  • etc...

The CarAdvice team appreciates your help in making this free eBook as useful as possible.

Please leave your suggestions and comments below.