2007 Toyota Corolla Overview

The new Toyota Corolla is now officially out and about, and Car Advice have put together a Corolla Overview to help potential buyers find out more about the new Corolla.
2007 Toyota Corolla
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The reason for our excitement? The Corolla is the biggest-selling car of all time, with more than 32.5 million sold since it was introduced in 1966. The Corollla is so successful, that Toyota have sold roughly one corolla every 40 seconds (world-wide) in the last forty odd years. Nonetheless, So far we have found a few thing we don't like.

Firstly the style, whilst its new and its modern, its still screams Corolla, in other words, it still screams BORING (although the ZR hatch is a nice improvement). Its hard to believe that after all this time Toyota are still making such uninspiring cars. Nonetheless, we understand this car is aimed at the masses, and hence it has to appeal to everyone.