Toyota Australia are really keen to gain new buyers to the new Toyota Corolla the best Corolla yet, todo that, they have given the car lots of extra features, however, one of the most important decisions in buying a new car should be the cost of servicing, and the Corolla comes out at the very top.
2007 Toyota Corolla Ascent, Conquest, Levin SX Levin ZR & Ultima
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Toyota have introduced a fixed-price service plan for the new Corolla. Under the Toyota Advantage Service Plan, all new owners will only pay just $120 for standard scheduled services at authorised Toyota service centres. This plan will run through out the Corolla's warranty life cycle.

New car dealers carry a stigma of "ripping customers off" when it comes to basic services, hence the new Advantage Service Plan will give new buyers the piece of mind that their new car will be cheap to service.

Of course, no deal can be this good without a catch, and there is a catch, but its not that bad. The Toyota Advantage plan runs only for the first six services, the Corolla has recommended service intervals of 10,000kms, so service plan will last for the first 60,000kms, or roughly 3 years.

The plan will come to an end at the sixth service or after the first three years or whichever occurs first. We are trying hard, but we really can't fault this new service plan, it shows that Toyota genuinly believe in the new Corolla, unlike Holden's money back guarantee with the Epica which is rigged with small print and ridiculous conditions.

2007 Toyota Corolla Ascent, Conquest, Levin SX Levin ZR & Ultima

The new service plan will cover the cost of all items specified under the Maintenance for Normal Operating Conditions schedule detailed in the Owner's Service and Warranty Handbook. In other words, unless you damage your car, its covered.

The new advantage plan has already been running since last year for the new Toyota Aurion and new Camry.

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