Hyundai's Image Improving

Its a hard game to win when you started out as a cheap and cheerful manufacturer. Toyota gave up trying to sell Luxury cars with a Toyota badge and opted out for Lexus, Hyundai is thinking the same thing, nonetheless, Hyundai's image has greatly improved over the last few years.
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A recent research conducted by AutoPacific, a leading US automotive industry research house, reported that Hyundai had the largest opinion improvement of nine major car brands.

Hyundai came out first for image improvement, other key winners included:

  • Hyundai up 32%
  • Toyota up 23%
  • Honda up 19%
  • GM up 17%
  • Nissan up 13%

The survey concentrated on if buyer's opinion of a manufacturer had changed in the last year.

"The surprise — or not so surprising — winner of the most improved manufacturer was Hyundai. Comments about the performance of Hyundai gave the brand credit for substantially improved styling, newly-found high durability/quality/reliability, a strong value message and a great warranty program. Positive comments outweighed negative comments by about four to one." AutoPacific Spoksman

Continues negative remarks about Korean cars are still present in the Australian motor industry even today (even on this site), but although we appreciate Hyundai's efforts, there is always one rotten apple that ruins the lot, and that comes in the form of Daewoo.

Either way, it is time we take Hyundai for what it really is, a quality brand which has proved it self as a major competitor against the Japanese.

"These impressive results are the latest of a number of such offshore recognitions of Hyundai's rapid rise to the top levels of quality and appeal and they are being mirrored in Australia." Hyundai Motor Australia's director of sales and marketing, Kevin McCann, said

The question now remains if Hyundai will launch their own Luxury brand to compete with Lexus, despite the image improvement, it would be highly unlikely that many Australians would be willing to pay in the high 70s and 80s for a Hyundai badge, regardless of quality.

This is the car that will most likely put Hyundai on the luxury map.