Ferrari Workers Not Happy

You would think that working for one of the world's most respected automobile brands would mean less strikes and more devotion to your work?
Ferrari Factory
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Not so in Italy where Ferrari workers have been on strike for the last 2 months, angry that Ferrari isn't what it used to be. The problem seems to be that since Fiat purchased Ferrari, the pressure has been on to increase production and reduce costs. Sound familiar?

Its obvious that Fiat is missing the point, the only reason Ferrari's are as rare and as wanted as they currently are, is due to their exclusivity and their "hand made" characteristics, if that is taken away and production is increased, it defeats the purpose of owning a Ferrari.

Even so, there is some honour in working for Ferrari and hence the workers have decided to strike in such a manner to only annoy management but not stop production altogether.

Currently Ferrari workers only strike on Saturday, and not all of them at one time. This has caused production delays, furthermore, of course, none of the workers on the Formula 1 team are on strike.

Enjoy a quick tour of the Ferrari factory on Video (excuse the French):