Yet another four-door coupe is on the way - this time, it's reportedly set to be based on a Peugeot concept to be revealed at the upcoming Beijing auto show.
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The car is described as being "from the same lineage as the Onyx concept car" - a sporty coupe with a 507kW engine that was revealed at the 2012 Paris motor show - and UK publication AutoExpress reports the concept will make it to production as a new model known as the 408 GT. This fits with Peugeot's continued efforts to push its brand upmarket, and would give the company a car to rival the likes of the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class by 2016, according to the report.

The concept measures 4730mm long and just 1310mm tall, giving it an "athletic" stance, and Peugeot says it is "a suggestion of the brand's future design". Those dimensions mean it's shorter than the 508 medium car, and AutoExpress says the production model will be based on the new 308 small car platform, though the French maker claims it will boast enough space for four passengers and their luggage.

No details have been made public about what engine will be seen under the bonnet of the concept model, though the production version is apparently set to implement largely the same engine range as is seen in the 308 range - including turbocharged petrol and diesel four-cylinder powerplants.

The report states Peugeot is also expected to unveil a new SUV known as the 6008 in concept form sometime this year, which will act as a more prestigious replacement to the ageing 4007. A flagship 608 luxury sedan is apparently on the radar for a 2017 launch, too.

The Beijing auto show kicks off on April 20.