Motorcycles Defying Speed Cameras

Whilst all of us at CarAdvice may not be the biggest fans of Speed Cameras, this doesn't necessarily mean that we speed or drive recklessly on the road, quiet the contrary, we believe that Car Enthusiasts are the safest drivers on the road and are unfairly targetted by Police.
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Nonetheless, there are some true idiots in this world, and Mr Christian Marchesani, 28, of Samson in Western Australia fits that category just fine, but he is only a small portion of a growing hatred for speed cameras which has led to some idiotic behaviour on the road.

Australian motorcyclists are taunting speed cameras in increasing numbers. West Australian police released photos of a pair of riders photographed on January 27 traveling at up to twice the speed limit, 130km/h in a 60km/h zone (80 MPH in a 37 MPH zone), on South Street in Samson at 6pm. The duo returned just 23 minutes later to salute the camera once more.

In WA, Speed cameras take frontal photographs of vehicles and since motorcycles do not use front license plates for safety reasons, the devices are unable to identify bike riders.

Defying Speed Cameras

Nonetheless, since the story has gone public a member of the public has called police and identified Mr Marchesani who now faces court.

In the mean time as a temporary measure, police announced yesterday that they would use two speed cameras in every speed trap to photograph both the front and rear of vehicles.